September 15, 2010

Cannot afford the Spa – do a home pedicure

1) Pedicure

The house is quiet and no one is home, put on the music, burn the incense, light the candle, run the bubble bath and soak….and soak.

Now your feet are soft it is time to pedicure…

You need –

Some Aromatherapy oil, a soft towel, body moisturiser or foot cream, cuticle cream an orange stick, nail clippers, nail polish remover, cotton wool and nail polish

First step is to take off all existing nail polish, then massage cream into your feet one at a time, gently massage the cream into the soles and balls of your feet, massage your ankles and rub and bend each toe massaging the cream into them. Spread the cuticle cream on your toe nail cuticles and with your orange stick gently push back your cuticles.Clip your toenails straight at the top and round off at the sides.

– Separate your toes with cotton wool.

– Apply a clear undercoat; apply two coats of polish, making sure each coat is dried before applying the next.

– Then apply a clear topcoat to make the polish last longer.


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