November 9, 2014

Cindy Nell-Roberts’s Top Travel Tips

Cindy Nell-Roberts’s Top Travel Tips


  • Pack 3 or 4 pashminas in different colours – they double up as many things from, scarfs, to sarongs to headscarfs or a bag.
  • Roll your clothing up (like a towel) instead of folding and it won’t crease
  • Place your cosmetics, skincare and underwear etc. in separate zip lock bags for easy access and to keep your suitcase tidy during travel, and in case something leaks.
  • To prevent liquid products from bursting (and ruining everything else) inside your bag, cut a small square of plastic wrap, unscrew the product’s lid, set the plastic wrap on top, and screw the lid back on. That way if the lid pops open, no product can spill out. Also try to expel some of the air in the product by gently squeezing it before sealing the lid as this will allow some extra room to expand without popping the lid off.
  • Protect powder makeup products from breaking while traveling by sticking a cotton pad or cotton ball inside the compact before putting it in your makeup bag.
  • Toss your makeup brushes or other small beauty products in a slim sunglasses case when traveling so you won’t lose them.
  • Leave some space for anything you might want to bring back!



  • Use self-tanning wipes to give skin a hint of a glow and keep a mini hairbrush to keep hair tidy.
  • Keep a small bottle of spritzer toner in your bag to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Consider the climate at your destination. If it is drier than you are accustomed to, then you need a heavier moisturizer; if it’s more humid, you might not need moisturizer at all.
  • Apply intense moisturizer the night before you are going to fly. This will help increase hydration in your skin before you’re exposed to the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure.


    • Caffeine is a major cause of dehydration. Opt for water, refreshing smoothies or fruit juices to keep you hydrated during your trip.


  • Make up remover wipes work well to freshen up, as a make up and stain remover and doesn’t take space or make mess and is allowed through customs.
  • Keep a nude lipstick, mascara, B.B. cream in your travel bag for a quick freshen up.
  • Avoid bright nail polish on your fingertips (wear on it your toes instead since colour tends to last longer there anyway) and go for a “barely there” shade on your fingers. Chips are less likely to be detected when you’re wearing a pretty nude hue.

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