September 15, 2010

Destination Wedding Tips

Firstly ask yourself:

What area you would like to get married in and why?
If it is in the area in which you live ask yourself are you looking for a venue that is easily accessible to your wedding guests?
If it were out of town how far do you think your guests would be prepared to travel?
If you have chosen to have a destination wedding, what country have you always dreamt about visiting and do you have the budget to do so?
If you choose to get married in another country, will you be having an intimate boutique wedding? Or how many guests will you invite?
Will the guests be expected to pay for themselves or will you pay or part pay for them?
These are all factors that may affect your decision in choosing your wedding location and venue.

Once you have decided on the country and area, you then need to ask yourself, do you want to have your ceremony at the same venue as your reception or will you be marrying in a church or similar?

If you are marrying in a church what is the furthest distance you are prepared for yourselves and the guests to travel from the ceremony to the reception venue?

If you are not getting married in a church, are you looking for a venue with a chapel or a gazebo?

Do you want to have your ceremony indoors or outside?

Considerations may include a garden wedding, a wedding in the African bush-veld or a ceremony on the beach, a hot air balloon ceremony, a Sand dune wedding in the desert, exchanging vows on a catamaran or something else not mentioned here. Every couple has their own unique ideas and the possibilities are endless.

Most importantly once you have both agreed on what you want for your special day you can then narrow down the options that are available to you. Make a list of the venues that fall into the area you are looking for and offer the type of wedding ceremony & reception you would prefer.

Contact each one to find out whether they have availability on your preferred dates and also what their rates/costs for weddings are, many venues have special wedding packages however it is important to check exactly what is included and what is excluded so you know what extras you have to supply.

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