September 15, 2010

For the Groom

Grooms Style!

Men seem to be unsure in this department and sometimes don’t really know what to wear for weddings, feeling that it is only the bride that is supposed to look flawless on the day of the wedding.

We all know that men can be more vain than women and anyway lets not forget that this is your day too shine as well. There is nothing wrong with looking healthy and attractive. Feel good; ooze confidence and the day will be a success.

Prepare yourself in advance for your big day, facial, manicure, pedicure, and haircut, give yourself the full package to ensure that you look desirable.

Rule one – You must wear a jacket.
Informal day time wedding – Dress shirt, pants, Jacket
Informal evening – Suit
Semi-formal daytime – Light coloured suit
Formal Day time – Dark suit and tie
Formal evening – ‘Black tie’ – wear a tuxedo or a dark suit
Ultra-formal or White tie – white tie, cummerbunds, vest & shirt

Keep your Jacket on during the ceremony and after that you are free to relax and party – with your new bride!

Rule two – You know the expression ‘get me to the church on time’? That means before the bride, she is the only person that may acceptably arrive late.

Bachelor Party!

Give the details below to your best-man, remember your bachelor party is an essential part of your special memories. Here are some tips to how to ensure it is a night to remember.

1) Make sure that every male person is invited that is on the wedding list.

2) Make sure that commitments are made so that you know exactly how many people will attend.

3) Make sure everyone understands that they must contribute towards the groom and pay for themselves.

4) You must not let the Groom pay for anything.

5) A Bachelor party is not just about a drunken party with strippers. This is becoming a tradition of the past, which most brides welcome.

6) Arrange a day/night that includes the grooms interests and is memorable for everybody.

7) Arrange transport for the night- hire a driver, so no one drives under the influence.


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