September 15, 2010

How do I choose my wedding photographer in South Africa?

Know firstly that to choose a Wedding Photographer in South Africa will range from professionals to talented individuals that offer their services full time for weddings, as a hobby, a part-time or weekend job.

Most Wedding Photographers have packages that will vary from the affordable to the expensive, however with photography it is not always about the price but more about the quality. Remember that you, your family and friends will look at these photographs for many a year to come.

You will want a Wedding Photographer that is passionate, remember he/she is going to portray you in the best possible way, he must love what he does, he is an artist after all. He/she must be motivated, must make you feel comfortable and make you feel like you can trust them. You do not want a Wedding Photographer that you have to check up on throughout the wedding.

I will give you an example of the Wedding Photographer at my wedding, he met up with the lady who did my flowers and it turned out they had not seen each other for ten years they got on fabulously and the only photographs he took of my ex-husband and myself together where either in the church, in the car, stuffing cake into each others mouths or taking off the garter, needless to say I looked a picture in all of them. Throughout our years of marriage we did not have one picture of us together of which we could be proud. Make sure this does not happen to you!

Whether the Wedding Photographer you choose is freelance or professional ensure that the job is not rushed, do not push them for 24 hour delivery rather allow them to produce quality printing. Look at their portfolios and chat to past clients if need be, referrals always help in the decision process. Make sure the photographs have clear crisp colour that warmth is added in to produce a natural healthy looking you. Have a look at their use of lighting, their variation, and ensure that their style of Wedding Photography matches you own tastes.

Let the Wedding Photographer know what pictures you would like taken and whether they will supply a CD and / or a DVD. How much will the cost be per print and for additional copies of the prints, CD and DVD? Will he supply you with an Album and is there an extra charge for this and what style is offered? Do they offer Thank you cards and at what price? Will they take photographs in colour, sepia and black and white and how many of each can be expected? What are the travel costs? Costs for time on the day and if he/she has to travel away from the area would he require accommodation?

You will most definitely want photographs of you and your groom with both sets of parents, separately and together. You will want photographs of both your families separately and together. Photographs of you both with your attendants, pictures of the groom with his best men, pictures of the bride with her bridesmaids.
Sisters, Brothers, Flower girls, grandparents, bridesmaids, matrons of honour, friends at the reception and alone pictures of you both and together should all form part of the package.

Rather ask many questions to put your mind at ease, it is important that you select a Wedding Photographer that you can leave to his/ her own devices that you feel confident will deliver good quality and service on the day.

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