September 2, 2014

Themed Weddings



Many young couples are looking to wed in a non-traditional way. Something different to make the wedding memorable is the order of some. Not all weddings have to be white gowns and penguin suits and lots of old people dressed like its your funeral. A wedding can be tailored or planned to suit your individual characters and this can make your day a fun filled party rather than a starch stuffed formality. You can have any wedding you desire if you allow your imagination to soar and it will certainly be one that nobody forgets.

Here are some ideas that may be right up your ally

Fairy-tale wedding: this epitomises every little girl’s idea of the perfect wedding. Large puffy ballroom dresses, elbow length gloves, and hats that look like they belonged to your great grandmother. Prince charming rides up on his trusty steed and kneels as he accepts his new bride before the courts of royals. Your guests all arrayed in their regal outfits, tapestries and banners drape the walls to create the perfect backdrop. You may even be fortunate to have a horse drawn carriage at your disposal. Set a kingly feast before your guests in true luxurious style. There are few limits to one’s imagination with this wedding idea.


Sci-fi wedding: there is a large following of the sci-fi genre, just pick your favourite and I’m sure your friends will love it. Ever thought of having your wedding vows written in Klingon? Serve your guests the finest Romulan ale and cocktails that push the boundaries of imagination. You can invent your own decor, styles, menus and activities. Almost anything goes with this style of wedding as there are no real traditions or boundaries to limit what you can or cannot do. It does not have to cost you a kidney either. I’m sure that once you start designing your wedding along this theme that you will be overwhelmed with ideas. Get together with your fellow trekkies and bounce some ideas around.

Hick wedding: Pick up an old wedding dress and suit at a charity shop, but make sure they don’t fit too well. High trouser hems for men are a must and socks are not permitted. Don’t forget the braces and straw hats boys. Dresses that require tape and safety pins are the order for the bride. It is important for guests to have a stick of grass to chew on during the ceremony (a spike of wheat is more traditional though, if it is in season). Bales of hay make good seats and just about anything flat makes a good table. Anything on a spit will satisfy your catering requirements, preferably roadkill but please do adhere to the local laws in your area concerning poaching and hunting. Many a butcher will happily supply something a little wild for your wedding. A band must be accompanied by a banjo in order for your shindig to be a success. Square dancing is great fun for all too.

Back to school: If you still have your old school uniform, it will be perfect for this theme of wedding. The formalities can be performed by a teacher figure dressed in a graduation gown. This sort of wedding is very easy to organise as many schools will gladly hire out the hall for such an event. It may seem a little pasty but we are looking at alternative wedding themes. How cool it will be to marry your high school sweetheart, at school? With this theme, there are many different options; from jocks and cheerleaders to chess clubs and debaters.

Pick a character wedding : There are so many wonderful characters that we have come to love in our lives. From fairy tales to nursery rhymes, we can all think of a handful of characters from stories that would make great wedding themes. The likes of Sinbad, Shrek and Hook leap to mind. It does not end there. We have been surrounded with fictional characters since the dawn of time. All tend to get our imaginations rolling and that, in a nutshell, is all it takes.

Medieval wedding : This is a real fun wedding idea. When one thinks medieval, one thinks of wooden tables and benches, huge trays of meaty dishes, less formalities and more festivities. Play some medieval games as guest entertainment. Set up a may pole for the girls and apple bobbing for the lads. Perhaps the younger men could engage in fencing (with swords, not stolen goods). Large open-pit fires with huge logs, loads of ivy for decoration and generally any low cost idea was the order of the celebrations of the time. Less is more with this style of wedding, remembering that it is more about the people and less about the stuff, as times were tough and money was tight.

Ambassador wedding : Fancy dress can be really fun. Appoint a nation to each of your guests and they must dress accordingly as representatives from that nation. Hold a formal ambassadorial celebration where guests are received and announced as they enter. Serve champagne and caviar as your guests enter the reception and usher them into the banquet in true style. Have a ball and serve foods from different cultures and nations in a buffet style. A string quartet would be ideal , if your pocket cannot afford a full orchestra. This may very well be an all out and no expenses barred event, but it will certainly be the event of the year.

Military wedding : Although it may not be easy to gain access to military dress, there are always ways to make a plan. There are many military surplus stores and many charity shops and second hand dealers who will have some old military relics about. Perhaps there is an elderly ex-drill sergeant who would gladly be your MC. He might even have some interesting ideas that will help plan the gala wedding. A brass (Oompah) band will fit well with this style of wedding. As they say, there is no more an handsome man than one in uniform. To this end, it could be any uniformed theme that is within reason and range.


Written for Brides Essence issue 14 by Grant Derrick