April 19, 2010

Champagne & Wine


Add bubble and Sparkle

How much champagne do you need at your wedding?
Choose champagne that you both love while considering your budget. Do you want real champagne or is it about the bubbles? If it is just to add sparkle then selects a good sparkling wine. If it is about the Champagne then you will know the label you require, and then quantity is important.

Your guests need a maximum of two glasses each. (some may beg to differ).
Work on 6 glasses per bottle of champagne or sparkling wine therefore for 200 guests you require 3 cases of 12 bottles.
You could work on 2 bottles per table which at 20 tables works out to your 3 cases + 4 bottles over for just in case

Weddings & Wine

How much wine do you need for your wedding?
Consider that approximately 30-50% of your guests will drink white wine Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, 30-50% will drink red wine (mostly Cabernet), and about 10 to 20% will drink white Zinfandel. Consider your crowd; more women usually mean more white wine drinkers, more men means more red wine.

Alternatively you can look at 2 bottles per table of 10 as with the champagne.

In this case for a wedding reception of 200 guests you will need a maximum of
3 cases x 12 champagne
3 cases x 12 white wine (1 case Zinfandel)
3 cases x 12 red wines

There will most definitely be wine over and you should not run short.
Instead of putting open bottles on the tables thereby encouraging waste, let the waiters at your chosen venue pour the wines, offering the guests a choice. Ensure bar control, bottles must be opened only as needed and remember that wines can be returned if unopened and labels are not damaged. Therefore don