September 15, 2010

Wedding Food

If you love the sea and Seafood then a beach wedding with Oysters, Champagne, large friendly salads, Pink Prawns, Paella and some local kreef (crayfish) would definitely suit. Do not forget the, lemon, Tabasco (chili/ pepper sauce) and garlic, just a little bit of each for everyone can go a long way towards a day to remember.

For our Meat and potatoes people how about the traditional carvery and buffet, always enough food to feed the wedding guests and more, from salads to roasted meats, spuds (potatoes) and gravy and heavy dollops of chocolate mousse and cream, all your guests will thank you for deliciously full tummies. Do not however complain if your dance floor remains empty for a while after dinner.

A traditional African braai (barbecue) under a starlit sky could take you to one of Africa’s esteemed Game Lodges. How about crocodile bites, ostrich skewers in tikka marinade, homemade butternut soup with plaited breads and creamy butter, potato bake, marogga (spinach and pine nuts), venison potjie and thick sliced Rump steaks. Ended off with Traditional brandy pudding and whipped cream.

A wedding at one of our 5 star hotels could have your guests enjoying sorbets of chili and lime or peach and apple with tequila, Grilled line fish, saddles of Lamb and accompaniments of seared asparagus, roasted vegetables and tabouleh salads. Enjoy a creme brulee or chocolate parfait to finish this dinner sublime.

Left up to the imagination, the choices are not only endless but delicious!

Weddings in Africa
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