September 2, 2014

Wedding Gift Ideas



So you have been invited to the wedding. What do you buy for the couple that will remind them of you and also be a blessing for many years to come? Many couples choose a gift-registry service with a chain store or the like but what if you would like to give them something different or if there is no wedding registry?

It can be difficult to select the perfect item for so many reasons. Selecting a gift from a predetermined list can also be sucky as it lacks that personal touch and requires very little thought and imagination. I suppose it mainly hinges on your budget too. Do bear in mind that “cheap” gifts are a big NO and will be a thorn rather than a blessing.

Here are some ideas that will never fail :

Crockery, Cutlery and Glassware : 

The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in most homes. A unique but functional item of crockery such as a designer salt and pepper cellar, salad bowl or platter or even a set will be something that a couple will cherish for a long time. They will remember you fondly whenever they use it. Think heirloom (something they can pass on to their children) and you will not go wrong. Things such as cake lifters, salad spoons, a cheese board set or a classy cutlery set are definitely in this category. Lead crystal glassware makes for a stylish gift. Another wonderful idea of this ilk is a picnic basket set, but make sure that it can cater for more than 2 and it will be a blessing even when the kids come along.

Books :

A wonderful gift that will be used and cherished is something for the coffee table or a classic cookbook. Do some research with friends and relatives of the couple and find out what their interests are and then find a good book that they could enjoy. You must remember to write some words of wisdom and encouragement in the cover to remind the couple why you have given them this specific gift. Some words of encouragement every time the book is opened can have a lifelong effect.

Linen :

Nothing says “Have a wonderful life” like a cashmere blanket or some Egyptian cotton sheets. You could even have the couple’s initials embroidered on the item to make it even more personal. How about personalised bath towels or bathrobes? A good quality set of monogrammed napkins are handy too. Do try and stick to neutral colours lest your gift find itself buried at the bottom of some mouldy mothy drawer because it is too hideous for people to look at. Good linen can last years and there is never enough good
linen in any given house (of regular
people that is).

Art : 

A Good painting will last a lifetime. This can be a tricky gift if you don’t know the couple well as you may like a work and they may find it repulsive or vice versa. Good art always appreciates in value, and even anonymous works that are done well have a place in most homes. Again you can do some research and find out what the couple’s tastes are. Art does not have to be new either as most art that is valuable is second hand. If you have the ways or the means, a portrait of the bridal couple will be an invaluable and most unique gift. If unsure, best avoid this one and find some less risky gift like a silver picture frame or a set of antique frames.

Luggage : 

Cheap luggage won’t do so don’t buy something at the local flea market for this category. If you have the budget, then this is a gift that will keep on giving for years to some and will be appreciated and cherished. Bear in mind though that by the time the wedding arrives, the couple may already have purchased new luggage for the honeymoon trip so it is advisable to make inquiries prior to splurging on those Samsonite, Delsey, Cellini, or Polo items.

Wine : 

A case of wine from the year of the wedding is a great way for couples to remember their day. Request that the couple opens 1 bottle a year on their anniversary. Most will crack open a bottle and remember the good times, sadly a few couples will each crack open a few bottles to try to forget some disasters of their day – either way your gift will be appreciated and cherished (do your homework on this as some wines may turn to vinegar in the 12 years it will take to finish the case). Another option in this category would be a subscription to a wine club for a year where the couple receives wine
bi-monthly or quarterly – a gift that keeps on giving.

Appliances :

This can be a minefield of bad choices, but if you know what you are doing and have the budget for it then nothing says “Happy Wedding” like a great good quality kitchen appliance. You should avoid this category if you have a limited budget as cheap appliances break quickly or don’t work well and end up being tossed or never used. Every kitchen needs a sturdy all round mixer / liquidiser / food processor. Even if the couple has an existing appliance of this sort, they will stow it away for a time when their existing machine conks in. A good quality coffee machine is also a great idea but try not get one of those that only uses propriety capsules as this may cause the appliance to fall into disuse. No kitchen should be without a sturdy kitchen scale either. Avoid the nonsensical gimmickry that telemarketers try to pawn off as “what every household needs”.


I have never in my life met anyone who could not use more cash. Although this category is often frowned upon as lacking thought, I have never had the slightest hint of a person’s lack of though when I have received cash as a gift, how about you? After the wedding, most couples will be a little tight when it comes to dosh. Even a gift voucher from an upmarket grocery store or home ware store can be a blessing to any couple.

Some things to remember, if I have not already hammered the nail home are :

• Don’t go cheap or cut corners

• Don’t go with your personal likes or dislikes unless you are an expert

• Don’t make assumptions

• Do make inquiries and ask friends and family members

• Do your homework and research – Google is free

• Do try and visit the couples intended home where possible to get ideas

• Make sure the couple knows that the gift is from you if it is important to you

• Do get warranties with any item that may require it and include such with the gift.


This article was written by Grant Derrick – Published in Issue 14