September 14, 2015

Wedding hair styles


Stephanie Brinkerhoff

Choosing the right wedding hair style can be quite stressful, do you go with up or down? What would look good in your photographs. What style would suit your dress.

These are questions that go through many brides-to-be minds. We want to look beautiful and gorgeous, we want to feel that too. Stephanie Brinerhoff also had a hard time choosing her wedding hair style herself and decided to help brides with pros and cons for each style. Stephanie also suggests a few recommendations on each, to help you make that very important decision.

All Down


• It’s gorgeous! Especially if your hair is extra long.
• It’s comfortable. You won’t have a headache by the end of the day from a million bobby pins in your hair.
• It’s moveable. You won’t have to worry about it moving around because unlike an  all up style, it’s supposed to move around!

• The biggest con for hair that’s all down is that it’s the least predictable wedding hair style.  Since it is moveable, it’s almost impossible to keep everything in place.  By the end of a long day it can look ratty and messy. It’s hard to keep volume and shape in hair that’s not pinned at all.

My recommendation:
• If you are going to wear it all down, make sure you have time to touch it up through out the day.  If you can touch it up a few times, by the end of the night it should still look great.  It also helps to start a little curlier at the beginning of the day to give it some room to relax a little and still look good.

All Up


• So fancy and fun!  When do you ever get a chance to wear a beautiful all up style and not feel overdone?  Your wedding is the perfect occasion.
• There are SO many options.  An “updo” can mean so many things and fit so many different styles.
• It will hold it’s shape all day, making it more likely to look good in pictures.

• Some all up styles can look boring from the front.
• They can be uncomfortable, especially if you have really heavy hair.

My Recommendation:
• Make sure you really love your up style not only from the back and side views, but from the front too.  Keep it soft and feminine around your face so it’s more interesting.  It helps to leave out some soft curls to frame your face.

Half Up


• You get to keep the look of long curls while still having the security of bobby pins.  Best of both worlds.
• It’s easier to find a place for hair accessories in half updos than in all down styles.
• Since the top half is pinned up, it’s a lot more likely to hold shape and body for the whole day.   

• Since half of your hair is still down, it can easily get messy and out of place just like an all down style

My Recommendation:
• If you aren’t comfortable with an all up-do, I would choose a half-up style over an all-down style.  It will be more secure, hold it’s shape better and it’s an easy way to fancy up an all-down style.

To the Side


• If you are wearing it long and side swept, it’s just like the half updo in the sense that you get to keep the length while still having the security of bobby pins.
• It will look good from the front and in pictures.

•It can be uncomfortable.  Most side updos are low set on the neck, and having an updo right there at the base of your neck by your ear can be annoying after a while.
• In pictures, one side will look great, but the  other  may look boring.

My recommendation:
• Make sure you know which side of your hair will be facing the audience during your ceremony, and do your updo on that side.  Also try to be aware of  which way you are facing while your photographer takes pictures.  Always try to have the side with the updo towards the camera.   

All photographs were taken from Steph’s Website.

About Steph:
Stephanie Brinkerhoff works as a professional up-styling educator, and as a wedding hair stylist and makeup artist.  She began her career as a bridal hair specialist in 2007, shortly before graduating cosmetology school.  She now travels world-wide for destination weddings and to teach bridal hair workshops.  She is the resident bridal expert for, and her hairstyles are internationally recognized, both in the bridal industry and the hair styling industry.    She is married and lives in Utah with her husbandaand twin girls.