September 15, 2010

Weddings in Mozambique

Mozambique was under the control of Portugal from the beginning of the 16th century until the 1950’s when the native people started protesting the Portuguese rule. In 1961 Frelimo (Front for the Liberation of Mozambique) rebellion fought a guerrilla war.

In 1975 Independence was granted to Mozambique and a Marxist Frelimo government took over. Civil war began in the 1980’s as an attempt to overthrow the Frelimo government. The war ended in 1992 and in 1994 the first multiparty elections were held.

It is estimated that about 1 million Mozambicans died during the civil war and 1.7 million took refuge in neighbouring states. These refugees eventually return-ed and now Mozambique has 10 major ethnic groups, with sub groups and a diversity of languages and dialects. Traditions and culture are equally diverse. The largest groups are the Makua and the Tsonga.

Mozambique is a stunning wedding destination with numerous venues to choose. These vary from the romantic and intimate to the family resort. For both wedding and Honeymoons Mozambique is a fabulous choice, diving, snorkeling, Big Game fishing, water sports it has it all. There are the most magnificent Islands off the coast of Mozambique and in a nutshell the whole country beckons the sun seeker, the beach lover and the romantic.

A wedding blessing can be arranged for both South African and International visitors to Mozambique however as of recently legal weddings in Mozambique are for Mozambicans only.

Remember the following requirements are necessary for travel to Mozambique. Single entry Visa – this can be acquired at the Mozambique Consulate in Nelspruit or at the Lebombo/Ressano Garcia Border post in Komatipoort (remember waiting at the border can be between half an hour and 3 hours). Passport Stamps are required and vehicle entry forms will need to be completed. 3rd Party Insurance is Compulsory. Toll roads accept Cash in Rand, Dollar or Meticias. No foreign coins. If the vehicle has a trailer, boat or caravan a triangle must be displayed on the front bumper. This is considered a separate vehicle and is charged as such. All original papers and License details are checked.

Remember to take Malaria Prophylaxis, contact the local Pharmacist or Doctors before departing. It is advisable not to drink the water, take Mineral H20. Always wear your seat belt and adhere to the speed limits indicated on the road signs. It is not uncommon for Traffic officers to request cash fines upfront.


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