November 15, 2010

Where Oh Where Do I Take Her on the Honeymoon?

Where Oh Where Do I Take Her on the Honeymoon?

Your bride to be has arranged the wedding, her and her wedding planner have booked and sorted out everything and you have given your two cents worth. Everything seems perfect and ready for the special wedding day.

Everything except where you go after the big day is over, and she is nagging you for a clue, an idea, anything so she can hazard a guess at to where you and her are going to spend a romantic honeymoon alone from work, the madness of busy lives, families and friends.

Alone time, not something any of us have much time for in this hectic world we live in. She is filled with anticipation and you – well, you have no idea where to start…

Do not let her know any of this, rather keep her guessing. There is nothing a woman loves more than surprises, something else we need to get more of!

Firstly think of your pocket when deciding on a romantic honeymoon.

  • How much money realistically can you afford to spend on your honeymoon?
  • Have you set money aside for this or are you scraping some last minute pennies together?
  • Will the monies that you have take you far?
  • If so will you leave SA?
  • Will you drive?
  • If so will you use your own car?
  • Will you borrow a car?
  • Will you hire a car?
  • Will you need to fly?
  • How many flights are required and will you fly first, business or economy class?

If you have answered all these Questions then you are on your way to making a decision for your romantic honeymoon. Now decide what type of place / country / area you both like and the type of things that you both like to do.

  • Will this be the beach and an idyllic spot to lie languidly in the sun and savour each other and the many cocktails that keep arriving?
  • Will you want to combine this with activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing?
  • Or do you prefer hiking?
  • Have you always yearned for a romantic sojourn to the African bush?
  • Are you looking to Europe to shop or a discovery of the East?

Only you will know what dreams you both have. If your dreams far exceed your budget then consider local options that offers all the things that you love to do, choose the three star hotel instead of the five star hotel and spend you monies on sightseeing and doing fun things together.

Once you have decided on a romantic honeymoon destination local or afar, ask your coordinator / operator for any specials or packages that may be offered at your time of travel. Consider these specials and packages but also price your flights and your accommodation separately. See where you can get the best offer for your monies and then make a decision.

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Book it and enjoy!

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