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Face Up…

A pre-wedding facial, is possibly the biggest gift you can give yourself in the weeks leading up to your wedding, just to kickstart your beauty regime ahead of the big day. Find products that suit your skin, ask for samples – don’t be shy. Preferably you would have established a good regime months, even years, before…no, don’t roll on the floor laughing hysterically…and yes I know you have a life…but ,. With a clear complexion, you will more than likely feel more confident and this buzz on the inside is dramatically related to the glow on the outside.

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Just Peachy

Don’t be fooled by the hint of pink on the cheeks; underneath the top note of pink you’ll find a rather peachy apricot tone that seems to make the pink more mellow and not at all lollipop, (not that I have anything against lollipop/s).

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Majlis Mutterings

When I think of the Bedu and their tent dwellings; desert sands; sudden shamals; and majlis meetings at midnight, a sense of the exotic overcomes me, I remember the heavy scent of Arabian perfumes, the aroma of coffee so thick you could almost eat it, dates offered to you on a silver platter in greeting as you enter department stores and the mystical sound of calls to prayer. But mostly I recall the kohl-lined eyes that magnetically draw you into solemn respect, admiration and wonder at the mystique and beauty of the Arab eye.

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