September 15, 2010

Consider a Winter Wedding

Therefore in order to ensure availability and negotiate better packages one must book well in advance. South African brides are booking their venues anything from 12 – 24 months in advance to secure their perfect location.

Venues and wedding coordinators welcome those out of season weddings as they bring in much needed turnover in the quiet times, this may give you as the bridal or honeymoon couple the edge.

You will find a coordinator who is fresh and enervated to attend to your every need, the venue will not be running at maximum occupancy thereby allowing the staff more time to assist you and ensure your day is perfect. Most importantly you and your guests can stay at low season rates or even catch a winter special.

A winter wedding in South Africa you ask! Seems the same as a white Christmas with no snow but as with everything in life there is always a positive.

Consider a winter wedding in the High or Lowveld where the weather is mild all year round.

Chilly at night but stop for a second and close your eyes…

The silence of the African savannah lies stretched out before you like a hay woven blanket, the sun smoulders across the horizon in a smooth yellow haze omitting warmth that cosies all that pass under it. The lioness sits up in the afternoon, the white rhino grazes not too far off, if it was the height of summer both would have been resting in the long grass or under a tree away from the heat of the day and out of sight.

The rain is gone and every day brings the hope of it as the grass dries. The warthog families’ run wild and wide eyed with their little wiry ‘Aeriel’ like tails, following behind them. They search for anything and everything green and succulent and you will find them outside your chalet, grazing peacefully only to offer you a display of whimsical circular dancing before disappearing with a kick and a puff of sand back into the ‘safety’ of the bushveld.

Consider having your wedding ceremony at the water hole, I have so many pictures in my head I wish I could show you. Exchange your vows while the crocodile and hippos bathe and linger. Sounds scary? What I love the most about the African bushveld are that along with people it requires a healthy dose of respect, God did not place predators and animals on this earth to frighten us; they do not lay in wait for our sudden arrival and then shout ‘pounce’. This will not however stop them from lingering a while, and if jeopardised emitting a warning signal.

The African bushveld is well managed and there are a swarm of dedicated professionals dotted throughout the map with your safety and a ‘handbook of knowledge’ with every precaution at hand.

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